Monday, March 22, 2010

And it called that calculation perfect love...

It's a rare thing that a Monday starts well for me. For starters my working day begins before 8am, it takes me almost 1.5 hours to get to work and I'm usually coming down with a severe case of the Post-Sunday blues. But this morning was different - I slept in til after 7 and Owen drove me to work. The joys of your boyfriend living much closer to work than you - really it's amazing.

Another thing that added to my great mood is that after six long years of sharing a single bed, Owen has finally graduated to a double bed. This is life changing, as I'm sure you realise sharing a single bed three nights a week for six years requires a certain level of patience and skill. We celebrated by ceremoniously jumping up and down on said bed - something we couldn't do on the single without fear one of us might fall off and break something important (be it a bone or lava lamp).

Oh also surprised me with tickets to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros which I'm really, really, really excited about. And later in April I'm seeing the lovely Regina Spektor again too. A good music month ahead for me so I'm going to celebrate/spam you all with some of their fun music videos!


  1. Oh I LOVE both these songs! "Us" makes me think of "500 days of Summer" which would be one of my fave movies I saw last year (its on the soundtrack). And I would have loved to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, the tickets sold out so quickly! Lucky you!
    I can't believe you put up with a single bed for so long, you deserve a medal, really. congrats :)

  2. I have no idea how you slept in a single bed either... my boyfriend and I slept in a single for 6 months and every time one of us rolled over, the other one also had to move. Romantic - but three years!!! Regina Spektor is so magical live. One of my favourite concerts. ever.

  3. Ugh I don't think I like my boyfriend enough to share a single bed! I need my space when I sleep. I'm glad your Monday got off to a good start, hope your have an awesome week.

  4. why is it so unbelievably easy for me to imagine you and Owen jumping up and down on said double bed? :P hurrah for an awesome start to the week, here's hoping the rest is just as good :)

  5. What happened to Mermaid Elouise? I was looking forward to seeing her presented to the world in blog-form.

  6. Haha I know right?! You guys understand! See Owen doesn't see what the big deal about sharing such a tiny bed is. I'd take it as a compliment that he wanted to be closer to me, but I snore TERRIBLY so it can't be that. I think I'll put it down to sheer boy laziness.

    And agreed Clare! When I saw Regina live a few years ago she was amazing, but poor thing was on crutches so hopefully this time will be even better!

    Haha and it was one of those ridiculous moments Vj where Owen sponatenously said... "Lets jump on the bed!" and we both ran and jumped up together. So silly!

    Em! I promise Mermaid Eloise is coming! As is Me Julie Best Mum (I didn't know it was an Ali G quote... takes the fun out of it actually). Apparently the crazy things on them are a result of a competitiont hey held! Boo-urns, I preferred the idea of someone just being mad. And yes, I did google "Mermaid Eloise"...

  7. hehe congratulations on your double bed status! :D Certainly something to jump up and down on the bed for! :)