Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sock it to ya

Oh you silly seasons... decide what you want to be already! As Kelly mentioned over at Made by White, in our first month of Autumn we've experienced a little taste of winter and then a fully fledged summer revivial. All of this (y'know, that little thing called climate change) makes it kind of tricky to anticipate what tomorrow's weather will bring... and thus whether a coat and/or umbrella is needed, or if the havianas and a cotton dress are all that's necessary. Well, pardon my french, but bugger it - I want an excuse to wear my new coat and boots! And although I'm on a self-imposed spending strike for the next month or so, I wouldn't mine warming up my tootsies, when the time does come, with these ridiculously cute (or just plain ridiculous?) socks I found via Sock Dreams. Giant pencil feet!

And don't hesitate to remind me that I was egging on Winter when I'm complaining mid-June about how stupidly cold it is...


  1. Those socks are awesome and perhaps perfect under a new pair of boots? Right now I'm having the opposite problem - is it warm enough for no coat/coat, do I need a scarf still? And can I possibly get away with wearing shoes with peep-toes yet?

  2. Haha I know what you mean. I wish the weather would make its mind up! Here in Auckland we seem to get all the seasons in one day.

  3. That sock website is AMAZING. I'm in love with the pencil socks! they are AWESOME. sigh. come onnnnnn winter!

  4. Those socks are awesome! I am so heading over to check that website out. I am right there with you on the winter thing. I am so sick of summer! Winter is my all time favourite season and I wish it would just hurry up already.

  5. hahaha clare you are a genius.. i think i do needs socks for new boots after all.

    how great are the pencil socks?! there are so many to choose from on that site
    i'm thinking i might do an order... despite my spending strike!
    if postage is super exxy maybe we should do a mass order and i could send-on from sydney?
    will have to look into it so let me know if you're interested! x