Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Book v eBook.

Ok, I need to ask your opinion on something. To kindle or not to kindle, that is the question. I love books, especially the older ones. I love the way they smell, I love the way they look on book shelves and coffee tables, I love their quirky covers, and I love the dog eared pages of a much loved and well-read book. But the digital age is here and so is the ebook. Having developed a permanent sway in my back from lugging around books in my handbag there is something so compact and tempting about an ebook. So sleek, so convenient and just so, well, futuristic! Does the feel and smell of a book add to the enjoyment of reading? Or can a Kindle, iPad or Nook do the job even better with handy internal library. I'm torn!

(image from We Heart It)


  1. Don't do it! There are so many reasons why ebooks are good, but well, it's just not the same. Can you imagine a world without bookshops? I used to dream that I would meet my husband in a bookshop (I didn't - but that's not the point). Books are mysterious and there's something very special about turning over a new page and seeing what's on the other side. Not so far eBooks. Having said that, I do occasionally listen to audiobooks, especially when I'm cooking/crafting. Is this different? Now that I think about it I'm actually not so sure.

  2. i love the smell of old books too yum. i can't really explain my attachment to real books but i would never go over to the dark side of ebooks. i just love holding and feeling and owning and looking at and smelling real books!

  3. I think I've decided... Kindle for public transport and long flights...Paperbacks for curling up on the couch on rainy days; picnics and bubble baths.

  4. Go for it - no need to feel guilty.

    Dead trees might become less popular with all these new-fangled ebooks around but they will never die out. Ebooks just won't ever be able offer what a real book can.