Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you go wild about strawberry? Or perhaps you're more prone to going ape over grape?

Look I know I'm in my mid-twenties but I'm yet to outgrow Lip Smackers or teen dramas and I'm not really that ashamed on either front. For example, last Christmas I received no less than 12 Lip Smackers from various gifters, and I love each one equally... er... except for maybe this baby.
Vanilla Coke Lip Smackers may (or may not, hey it's just a tube of lip gloss after all) change your life. Either way they smell sweet and spicy, and all thinks nicey (oh god...did I just say that?)

I love those little wind up tubes of joy - they bring back so many memories. The Vanilla flavour takes me back to a Skate Plus party in year four where we ate white chocolate mudcake (it seemed so gourmet at the time!). Strawberry Kiwi Comet is pretty much 1999 in waxy, lip gloss form - ready to bring in the new Millenium.

Were Lip Smackers an integral part of your adolecense? And more importantly, is anyone else trapped in the late 90s or am I on my own here, watching Saved By The Bell on Saturday mornings?


  1. Nay - I was tempted to buy my sister in law a lipsmakers for her birthday, wasn't sure if she'd understand?

    I'm a watermelon girl.

  2. Ooh yes I loved watermelon too! That bright green packaging! So 90s and delicious
    Have you ever had watermelon ice-cream? Like ice-cream, not sorbet? It's so damn good!

    And I bet your sister-in-law would have loved them. Christmas 2010!

  3. Ooh lipsmackers! Now you're taking me back! I haven't had one in a while now. I like the faux spiciness of Cola flavoured things :)

  4. I have not had watermelon ice cream, no, where can I find such a delight? ASAP?!

  5. I got it at the Ice-Creamery in Kiama so I'm hoping upon all hope that the Cronulla one would have it too. Damn, there really aren't enough ice-cream shops around. PS we're doing dinner in Newtown tomorrow night if you're keen?

    I do too Lorraine! It actually smells like sour coke bottles... yum.