Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Because I'm a girl who lives with a boy..

... all of my cute little homewares are wasted on him. So from now on I'm going to post about random things that live in my cupboards that I feel aren't getting the love that they deserve. First post is this strawberry jar from a shop in Narita airport, purchased because I was trying to squeeze every last bit of shopping out of my Japan holiday. Too small to be useful but very pretty.


  1. Haha oh I know your pain! I lived with a completely unappreciative-of-anything-cool boy for a year and was continuously emailing pictures of stuff to my mum and sister just so someone would say something other than "but its old, and weird and why do you like it!?" Luckily we now have a blog where I can share all my goodies with others. Great idea to post them here, more please! :)

  2. oh its so horrible living with boys!! i love chintz and floral and vintage and all things girly and i always have to tone down my interior decor to suit him and his boring bland manly tastes. i wanna go back to the days where men left the decorating choices to women and just pottered around in their sheds sooooooo much.

    how dare they have their own tastes and demand a say!!!!

  3. Oooh, I'm so glad that you guys agree with me. Everything is wasted on him. Especially stationery. How can he not understand that heart shaped paper clips and lady bug erasers and a sheep shaped mouse pad are basic necessities in life? And how can he not see the beauty in a slightly chipped, maybe discoloured St Vinnies find? I will definitely post more pics!!!

  4. Oh that jar would make a delightful sugar cube house :)