Friday, March 5, 2010

Old fashioned girl in a gingham gown

So Summer has up and left us with some pretty crummy Autumn weather. Never fear - Modcloth is brightening up my gloomy, Sydney Friday with fun gingham and stripes (my favouriteeee!)
These make me want to go on a picnic so badly - despite the crummy weather and ants. (I'm not a big outdoorsy girl, mostly because my bottom tends to always find an anthill on which to sit.)
Owen is always asking me to fix up his pants or re-sew a button... and I'm a pretty crummy girlfriend because I haven't done any of the above (to be fair, he's a pretty crummy boyfriend for asking - do it yourself!). Maybe I need one of these cute tins to inspire him? Doubtful. But I want it anyway...
Seriously, a dog wearing a beret? You had me at hello. But a dachshund no less? I'm sold. I want to buy this for Liz!

Anyway - HAPPY FRIDAY. I'm going home tonight to sew more donuts and hang out with my ma!


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  2. <3 this post. Love Owen asking you to 'fix his pants', and the doggy that had you at hello.