Monday, March 8, 2010

A light bulb moment

Don't you think this is such a cute idea. I first spotted this cute little vase on Star Redesigns Etsy page but then I noticed that she takes you through the process of making one on her blog, which is very nice of her to do considering she is also selling them. If I had the time, patience and some tools to make this then I totally would, but at the bargain price of $10 I think it might just be easier for me to buy one.


  1. hi there..just wana say you have such a cute site.. and love the light bulb idea... =)

  2. This is such a great idea - perfect little vase for a shelf or little corner. But I'm totally and utterly scared of light bulbs. I'm paranoid they'll break into small pieces in my hand. I almost never, ever change lightbulbs and any thought of hollowing one out... ahh!

  3. haha I love it! I'm sending this link on to some friends that I think will love it too :D

  4. such a cute idea! my friends leigh ann would love this! she's obsessed with light bulbs :] thanks for stopping by my blog,'re too sweet! and to answer you're question, yes. my hair is 100% real ;]


  5. Thanks for the lovely comment Joey!

    Lady B- I totally understand that fear, I make my boyfriend change all the lightbulbs in our apartment- I just sit in darkness if he's not home. ha ha.

    Lorraine- I hope your friends like it as much as I did.

    Emjay- your hair is fantastic. Very jealous. Thanks for stopping by here too.

    xxx Liz