Friday, March 26, 2010

Money won't keep you warm... unless you buy a coat with it

Let it never be said that I'm an impulse purchaser. Last night for example, I was of sound mind and body when I handed over my credit card to a pairs of boots... and a coat. Okay, I concede, the winter coat might have been driven... by impulse.

I can't help it! I get caught up in the moment and I have this distinct ability to find SOMETHING to buy ANYWHERE I am. Yesterday I tried to rationalise buying bulk citronella candles in Homeart (search me as to why I was in there in the first place) because Owen's house is quite welcoming to the occasion family of mozzies. This same rationalisation saw me buy 150 yards of ribbon (yes yards...and yes 150 of them) before Christmas - because surely it would come in handy over time? Or the giant cupcake tin that I swore I'd use for everyone's birthday... yes well, a fair few birthdays have come and gone without the tin's involvement.

This brings me to my second skill - the ability to justify anything and everything. Except today... considering I've just spent quite a bit on the above, even I can't justify buying these... but oh I want them!
Leave it to Fred to make me weak at the knees and have my bank balance hiding in the corner, a quivering mess. These silicone TeaCupCakes are so ridiculously cute! They'd make such a great centrepiece for a birthday party, or the perfect end to a garden tea party. But you know what? I don't have a birthday anytime soon... and I've never thrown a garden OR tea party, let alone a garden tea party... so for now I'm going to try and resist. But you? You should totally buy them (and invite me over for tea!)

PS. I know I sound incredibly vapid, materialistic and self-indulgent. I'm all those things and more, but I promise I'm not THAT bad. I only shop a few times a year (hence the buying of multiple things at once) and I do save - really I do! Justify... justify...


  1. Sometimes we need to splash out and a winter coat is very practical. You can also never have enough boots!

  2. Haha you're the best Jess :) Now I feel much better about it! Nad boots are a staple after all... right?!

  3. Don't even think about saying boots are an unnecessary indulgence! Boots are like, ESSENTIAL! and so are dresses....and coats. Oh and scarves!! You may as well be happy and warm! :)

  4. They have those tea cups for sale at Pentimento on King st in Newtown. So cute!

  5. lol! I love it and can totally relate. luckily i received these for my birthday =)
    I bought salt and pepper shakers and now i want another one that is far cooler!