Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I am probably the messiest person you will ever meet. I hate hate HATE cleaning my room. Anyway an upshot of this is that on the odd occasion that I do clean I'm constantly discovering things that have been buried and long forgotten in my room! Example A - felt donuts I made a few years ago. Good for the thighs...


  1. I bet I am messier. Although I have never found a felt doughnut in my apartment, I am often finding cash (once I found $300 in the back of my couch!) and last night I found a pack of double coat Tim Tams in the cupboard that must have been there for months. How did it evade me?

  2. hahaha oh boy - you win on finding good stuff amongst the mess. i love finding money like that - total windfall for you to spend on fun things! it's like when i claim money back from medicare... come to mama.

    and double coats?! okay that might even be better than money... except think of the many packets you could buy with said money. nommmm.

    and i think i have you beat with messiness. i literally wade through my room, no joke! and i've spent the last month sleeping in the spare room because my bed was so covered in crap. yikes.

  3. I think I have a solution for you, or at least a suggestion, from someone whose room tends to get a bit on the messy side. When I know I have to clean/tidy my room, the process has tended to go on and on for hours, not because of the mess factor, but because I hate doing it. So, lately I've taken to setting my alarm for 15 minutes, and the 'game' (fun game) is that I have to clean the room before the alarm goes off. So you start buzzing around the room, and it's actually quite fun. And then you've only wasted 15 minutes and not 15 hours. So... I hope you enjoy my rad game, haha!

  4. haa! genius alex! i'm going to have to borrow that idea because i have a very short attention span and tend to end up looking at books and photos... and basically doing anything that ISN'T cleaning.